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ApeCoin (APE) Balance on exchanges. Inflow/outflow of APE from cryptoexchanges.

Circulating Supply:
368593750 APE
APE on exchange wallets:
103354634.01 (28.04%)
Top Holders
Top 10:
Top 30:
Top 50:
Top 100:
Data calculated relative to coins in circulation: 368593750 APE
How to read this table:
- A negative value may indicate that a major player is accumulating a coin.
- A positive value indicates that a major player is sending coins to exchanges for possible sale.
Today 3 days 7 days 30 days
APE -0.02% 3.53% 5.17% 0.93%
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ApeCoin (APE) Balance on exchanges

Inflow/outflow of coins in a percentage of the number of circulating coins