Crypto Rebalancing Calculator

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How do I use the rebalancing calculator?

The rebalancing tool is pretty simple to use, all you will need is a list of your coins from your portfolio, and know the average purchase price of each token. So here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Write the name of the token from your portfolio
  • Select the token you need from the list
  • Specify the average purchase price
  • To add a new token, just click “Add token”.
  • Click “Result”

What information this tool provides

General Information. In the general section, you see the overall profit/loss information for all your coins.

Best pair to rebalance. The calculator returns the best pair for rebalancing, these are the 2 coins with the biggest difference between profit and loss.

Detailed information. Next you can see detailed information for each coin and a comparison of how the price of each coin has changed in relation to each other.


– You can immediately see the difference in capitalization between coins. For convenience, the difference in capitalization is divided into 5 categories and marked with different colors.

Green – difference up to 50 million.

Dark green – difference within 50 – 100 million.

Yellow – difference within 100 – 500 mln.

Orange – difference between 500 million and 1MM.

Red – the difference is more than 1MM

– The ready code of a pair of coins to be inserted into TradingView is displayed.

Why do I need a rebalancing tool?

When you have a lot of coins, you need to keep track of them, and for example, when one token grows, you may want to sell it and buy another token from your portfolio, which is in the highest drawdown or lowest profit. Thus, by pouring some coins into others, you can increase your cryptocurrency portfolio. And this calculator will help you in this 🙂